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Poppin' microgreens

If you need a quick, easy ‘green’ fix to get you through the last dreary weeks of winter- look no further! Growing popcorn shoots is a fun project for kids & adults alike and yields sweet, subtly corn-flavored microgreens.

Grab an empty clamshell from the grocery (the kind you usually find berries sold in) and add an inch or two of potting or seed starting soil. Next, add a layer of popcorn seed (sow them thick- you want to pretty much cover the soil with a layer of seed), cover with another inch of soil and thoroughly moisten. Close the lid of your clamshell, place in a sunny windowsill (or under grow lights) and wait.

Within about a week you’ll start to see roots sprouting and very shortly after that, green shoots will pop up through the soil. In just a few more days the sprouts will be 2-3” tall and can be snipped off with a scissors and used on sandwiches, salads or for snacking.

Using the clear clamshell makes this very interesting because you can see the root s growing through the soil. Sunflower shoots could also easily be grown this same way and are very tasty!

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